Vishal Suspended from Tamil Film Producer’s Council

The Tamil Film Producers Council temporarily suspended Nadigar Sangam’s general secretary and proprietor of Vishal Film Factory, actor Vishal, from primary membership on Monday for criticising the functioning of its office-bearers in an interview in a Tamil magazine.

“The members of the Producers Council are not ready to have discussions about how to effectively curb piracy, or measures to tackle the problem of satellite rights. But if a producer has some issues with payments with an actor, they are ready to have a meeting, complete with snacks on the table,” stated Vishal as per reports on Silver Screen. He believes the producer’s council needs Selfless people who are ready to solve problems with an open mind.

The council had discussed Vishal’s explanation letter and had found it unsatisfactory, and therefore, decided to suspend him from the body. The council issued a press release stating the same later in the day, mentioning that his comments in the interview posed a threat to the unity of the organisation.

Asked if he would contest elections due to be held for various positions in TFPC in January next year, Vishal refused to confirm the possibility but appealed to the current office-bearers to conduct elections.

“Since I have been suspended, I can’t say now. But, definitely, a team comprising of younger producers will contest in the elections. A lot needs to be done in the area of piracy and we will fight against the current office bearers,” he said.

Alleging that the current office-bearers of the producers’ council did not take any effort to curb piracy, he said, “Around seven movies were captured on camera at the PVR Orion mall in Bangalore. What action have they taken? Nothing. We will keep raising these questions and present a manifesto to the members before the elections in January.”


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