A Flipkart Delivery Man was Killed by a Gym Trainer

A Flipkart delivery man was killed by a gym trainer to get hold of the smartphone parcel he ordered without paying money in Bengaluru.

The 29-year-old man’s body, throat slit, was found in a life shaft.

“Varun Kumar, a 22-year-old gym trainer, has been arrested for murder.”

“Varun allegedly ordered the phone online and gave the gym as his address. The police say he attacked Nanjunda swamy and slit his throat before hiding his body. He allegedly kept the phone, which cost nearly Rs. 12,000, and also stole other phones in the delivery man’s bag.”

The police was alerted after Nanjundaswamy’s family filed a missing person’s complaint as he didn’t come home after two days.

The police say that Varun had planned the murder, possibly with help. He had sneaked the kitchen knife to the gym,
police traced the last delivery address and found his body in the gym cellar. They were able to pin Varun to the murder as he did not opened the gym following the murder. He was arrested this week.

Delivery men are the foot soldiers in the booming e-commerce sector to ensure last-mile delivery.
There are around 100,000 delivery men working in the e-commerce firms and companies that offer logistics, reports the Mint.

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